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Home Infusion Therapy-An Option for Everyone!

Over the past few years, a number of driving forces have significantly influenced the practice of home care infusion today. Enhanced technology of delivery devices and products now make it easier to treat in the home setting. Also, patients are living longer and don’t want that "hospital stay." Increasing acuity levels by physicians, hospitals and referral sources are pushing the boundaries of treatment and diagnosis administered in the home. Lastly, continued pricing pressures by insurance companies have increased the need for home infusions due to the coast effectiveness.

The professional IV team at Dougherty’s/Raven’s Pharmacy have over 25 years of combined experience in all aspects of infusion therapies. From monitoring any labwork required, to make recommendations and coordinating care with your physician, we provide full service care. Here are some of the services provided to our patients:

  • Single daily IV doses vs. Lengthy oral medication regimens

  • Hydration

  • Parental Nutrition

  • IVIG

  • Chemo and Post-Chemotherapy treatments including anti-emetics and blood modifiers

  • Cytovene doe AIDS patients suffering from CMV-Retinitis

  • Environmental therapies for chemical sensitive patients. We have the expertise and facilities to provide preservative-free intravenous medications.

  • Pain Management by IV, Subcutaneous, Epidural or implanted pump routes

  • Iron Deficiency Therapy

  • Antibiotics

Experts in our reimbursement departments are qualified to bill all private insurance companies, Medicare and even Medicaid. Coverage policies for IV medications, infusion devices and ancillary supplies vary dramatically from payer to payer. Our reimbursement department includes clinical pharmacists, registered nurses, a Medicare reimbursement specialist and several medical claims advisors. With a clearer understanding of the policies and criteria required for home care, most cases are approved for start of care within a twenty-four hour period.

With one phone call from you or your physician, you could be on the road to recovery, in a cost-efficient, comfortable manner. Our organization is committed to bringing you and the community quality one-stop shop care.

Helpful phone numbers:

Environmental Health Clearinghouse (800)-643-4794

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